How to keep your cook-top looking brand new?

October 15, 2014

Your Freggia cook-top is made of an extraordinary material: glass ceramic.

  • It is tough, much tougher than the glass it resembles. Nevertheless, do not stand on it in order to repair a light and do not drop a heavy object from the top of the kitchen unit above!
  • It is resistant to heat and cold and even to extreme temperature changes. You can pour cold water onto a cooking zone without causing any damage.
  • It is attractive and easy to clean. It will remain so if you take a few precautions and follow our advice.
Precautions to be taken when using your EuroKera cook-top
  • Before using your cook-top, check each time that the bottom of the saucepan and the cooking zone are clean and dry.
  • Lift up the saucepans; sliding them across the cook-top can lead to superficial scratches.
  • Avoid peeling vegetables over the cook-top as this could lead to grit on the surface and subsequent scratching.
  • Use saucepans which are large enough to avoid spillage onto the cook-top, especially if a saucepan contains any sugar as this can cause irreparable damage to the glass ceramic.
  • Keep the surface of the cook-top clear; above all do not keep plastic or aluminium packing on it which could melt and damage the cook-top.
Cleaning instructions
  Each and every stain or deposit on the cook-top surface
  must be cleaned off quickly once the cook-top has cooled down,
  before re-using the cook-top.
  In the case of sugar deposits, remove all residues
  before the cook-top cools down (Be careful not to burn yourself!).
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