How to wash 165 dishware items in one go?

November 5, 2015

Do you know how to wash 165 dishware items at a time? Well, there is a couple of choices. You can stay at your sink for about 40 minutes and wash all the dishes by hand. It’s not easy but possible. You can also ask your husband or children for help. This choice is a tad trickier. And you can do nothing but put all the dishes into the Freggia DWI6159 dishwasher.

As you have already guessed, the model has a loading capacity of 15 European standard place settings (11 items per one place setting). It’s very comfortable to fit such a quantity in the machine, as it is equipped with three baskets, each having useful accessories. For example, plastic handles for easy displacement, holders for dishes which can be folded if you need to fit something big, and racks for cups. The height of the upper basket is adjustable even when it is already full. You surely wonder how the dishwashing machine can cope with such a quantity and properly clean each item. The model is provided with an additional top sprayer due to which every single dishware item is reached.

Freggia DWI6159 has nine programs among which are economic, fast, delicate (in case you want to clean an eggshell China vase), intensive, and even hygienic. What’s more, you can load the machine and postpone its start up to 19 hours. It will start working by itself at the defined time. By the way, a modern LCD-display will show the chosen program and the remaining time until the end.

On top of everything else, the dishwasher is provided with safety options. Special protection will cut water supply if an indicator detects a leakage. Aquastop system will start in case of the fill hose damage. And the heating element protection will save it from starting without water supply. The model is also equipped with special metal and bacteria-excluding filters.

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